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Physical Therapy Session


Restore Functional Mobility

Typically a functional movement session consists of a variety of treatments, including acupuncture, functional patterns, Gua Shua, Cupping and corrective exercises.  Cumulatively, it is a 1-hour treatment, which includes assessment, evaluation, and the treatment itself. If you are coming in for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain, the doctor may include an additional modality such as cupping, gua sha, or a targeted myofascial massage. The additional modalities may or may not always be added, given scheduling and the specific needs of the patient. 

Initial consultation and treatment when you book an appointment: $99
(Duration: 1 hour, but allow 70 minutes – 90 minutes for the visit, depending on the complexity of the case. Some patients may need more time for questions and additional therapy): $99

Follow up appointment:
(Duration: 1 hour, but allow 50 minutes – 60 minutes for your visit): $80

Add: Another Side of Acupuncture Treatment / Cupping / Gua Sha / Sports Medicine KT Tape: $20

Add: Celluma LED Light Therapy for Acne, Wrinkles, Skin Rejuvenation, Muscle Spasm, Pain Wound Healing, Arthritic pain, Muscles & joint pain, Muscle tissue tension, Decrease inflammation, Increase Micro-circulation: $40 – $60

(Duration: 20 minutes – 30 minutes for your visit)

Cupping Therapy

Gua Sha & Cupping

Additional Restorative Modalities

Gua Sha Therapy

Traditional medicine for pain, inflammation and immune support. Gua sha is an important hands-on medical treatment that has been used throughout Asia for centuries. Gua means ‘to rub’ or ‘press stroke. Sha is a term that describes the blood congestion in surface tissue in areas where the patient may experience stiffness and pain

30 minutes Gua Sha therapy: $55

60 minutes Gua Sha therapy: $95

Cupping Therapy

A powerful detoxifying, pain relieving and energy building modality

30 minutes Cupping therapy: $55

60 minutes Cupping therapy: $95

Corrective Exercises

Empowering patient reliance and self-care is a major component to your healing. In this 1 hour session, we first check your posture and assess the major postural joints (feet, knee, hip, shoulder, and neck) to determine structural and muscular dysfunctionand imbalances. Next, we give you custom, targeted exercises based on your particular areas of concern. Lastly, we demonstrate the exercises and guide you as you perform them (some exercises may require basic equipment, such as a strap or a foam roller, and you will need to purchase those separately). We then provide you printed instructions for each exercise, which should be done daily for optimal benefit.

Initial Consultation and Corrective exercise: $99

Follow up 1 hour corrective exercise: $80

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