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Alethi Games adopts a bold aspiration to connect people all over the world through games.  Our vision was that gaming would become omnipresent in today's world, and games would revolutionize the way people engage with content.  

What We Do

Alethi Games was founded in 2017, with the vision of brining together diverse talent to redefining mobile gaming.  Rather than mass producing in-app games which are carbon copy of the successful templates for engagement, Alethi Games focuses on redesigning the experience of mobile gaming itself, focusing on releasing a new product every 2 years.  

This timespan allows us to develop an entirely new form of gaming experience, driving increase engagement and downloads across our global scale.  What makes Alethi Games distinct is the focus on quality over quantity, merging the mobile device's unique accelerometer and motion sensors to engage with players in a genre-defining way across multiple game verticals.  

As a new route towards visionary experience, Alethi Games pioneered the mobile gaming industry with the creation of genre-breaking role-play experience, allowing users to have multiple arcing stories all contained within a single choice-hub.  

By creating mobile games designed off of next gen-platform experiences, Alethi Games continues to stay top of mind as the industry changes year over year. by continuing to adapt by updating graphics grids with the releases of each new mobile update.  

Come Play with Us

With four platform style games to choose from, we have enough genre's to fit your play style!  If you have a talent for visual aesthetics, or a history of backend platform design, look below for our open positions and apply!  We are always on the lookout for new creative talent to add to our ever expanding team!

Our Vision

Open Positions


Are you a designer?  An artist with an eye for elegance?  Apply now to our creative department and bring your talent to the forefront of gaming!


Seeking qualified audiences with background in marketing, marketing science, and digital advertising to scale Alethi Games across omnichannel platforms.  


Are you mathematically inclined, inquisitive into understanding the gears behind what makes something work?  Apply to our Analytics department!


Alethi Games is always searching for new ways to grow innovation across the mobile gaming industry.  If you've got what it takes to launch us into future, apply!

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